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HI! NIce to meet you,

We specialize in branding processes and work with clients of all sizes, from small startups to larger businesses. 

We are based in the north of Israel, in a small studio that was born out of a desire to spread beauty and grace in the world. Our mission is to create designs that will bring life to your business and help you reach your goals.

Lutra | Branding 

Creative branding solutions for a unique desert experience. Get ready to feel the vibes of the Jordanian desert, with a young and fresh approach that is trendi & fashionable.


Studio Livyatan | Branding 

Logo & Branding for an Art Therapy Studio that combines pottery and healing is designed to be unique and captivating. The Studio provide a warm, inviting atmosphere with open studio hours & professional guidance at the pace of the whale.


Lutra | Branding & Merchandising 

Branding & Logo that stand out from the crowd. Custom tailored design to the dream flight on the island of Cyprus and include stylish flyers, materials for social media
& souvenirs for your employees. 


Looperman | Branding & Website 

Top-Notch logo and branding for looper workshops. The branding process includes a logo & visual language that is sure to stand out, as well as business cards, flyers, and materials for social media. Designed to bounce throughout the country.

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Cnaan | Branding & Merchandising 

Cnaan is a creative brand run by a couple passionate about their successful gardening business. They recently finished a stunning branding process, which incorporates a lot of nature-inspired elements, love for Israel and plants.

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סוכות 2022-13.jpg
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Sukkot Kadarim | Branding 

Sweet branding for a particularly beloved holiday Sukkot - one that invites us to sit together, in nature, under the sky & enjoy good company. This vibrant and festive branding invitation is designed to make you stand out. It features a colorful, original design and offers a unique way to show off your holiday.

Welfare | Branding 

Innovative & fresh branding for high-Tech welfare monthly newsletters. Visual language that stand out from the crowd with a unique and original look.

Interior Designer | Branding 

This logo inspired by the Bauhaus and the local Tel-Aviv architecture, creating a unique geometric visual language with monochrome colors.

Hila Adan | Branding

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Stone Pro | Branding 

Yarok Brand blend old and new methods, natural materials, and a lot of respect for the local Israeli stone. Yarok specializes in natural stone and soil works. We've conducted extensive research on local stones and used colors taken from nature to create a logo that is both visually stunning and tells a story. Unique elements have been carefully chosen to reflect the amazing work they do. 

גחנון בחורשה.jpg
גחנון בחורשה1-02.jpg
גחנון בחורשה פלייר-01.png

Food Truck | Branding & Social Media 

This vibrant and modern logo is perfect for a business that opened not long ago and serves up delicious Yemeni cuisine. With strong colors, the logo focuses on the grove where the business is located, while the innovative and kicking fonts add a fresh touch. 

Culinary Tours | Branding & Webite 

a business that invites people to meet the stories behind the people, behind the local food. The leading color in the branding was chosen to be red, to stand out, to evoke emotions.
The logo includes elements from the world of food and travel, so it evokes a sense of adventure and exploration. This logo is the perfect way to represent the tours in a variety of magical Galilean locations.

שקית נייר.png

Independence Day Kadarim | Branding & Social Media 

A visual language that captures the love of the land, the trips and journeys, and the Israeli landscapes. We have chosen colors that evoke the beauty of the Israel Trail, which runs from north to south, and that will bring the landscape to life as it appears in the branding.

פלייר ראשוני-03.png
פלייר עם פרטים-04.png

Taru | Inner Precision

Our branding process revolves around creating a logo and a soft, gentle, elegant, and nurturing language.

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